Creating a Concentration Card Game in Stencyl 3.0

If you are good at coding you might go ahead and do things without testing them and you might not have any issues.  As someone who has been coding for many years, I find that building things with small iterations is best.  You are so much less likely to run into an issue.

In the case of Games I like to build from the main game mechanic outward.  It’s the most important part of the game, making it secondary might mean it is not well polished.

We are going to build a memory card flipping game using Stencyl 3.0 so lets get the pseudo-code out of the way first, or at least a part of it.  The card behavior. Continue reading “Creating a Concentration Card Game in Stencyl 3.0”


Creating a super easy HUD in Stencyl

This page on the Stencyl site doesn’t really go into detail on creating some text to give a player feedback, so I figured I would write about it.  We are creating a way to give the user textual feedback and I’m sure you could expand upon this.

First I make a new Actor called HUD.  I am not going to add any art to this actor.  I do need to anchor it to the screen so that it’s on top of everything and not in the game physics flow. Continue reading “Creating a super easy HUD in Stencyl”

Spout support almost there

Having a child certainly makes coding harder.  That being said I did some initial tests tonight integrating spout with SyKick.  It is almost there. Spout is really not that different from Syphon.  A friend of mine was asking about it for a project he is doing tomorrow at Full Sail. Pressure makes diamonds!!!  It is working just fine in parallels, but I cannot get networking out of parallels to work….. just yet.

I think I’ll still call it SyKick, SpoutKick sounds weird.  

Gravity with out the Physics Degree


Aristotle was one of the first to write about gravity.  Although, there is a great scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey where a bone becomes a space ship, so maybe the pre-humans wondered, “why does that stuff fall?”.  Later Galileo and Newton tested the theories proving certain truths, and Einstein created more theories with mathematical grounding.  That’s all well and good, but do you care?  As a game designer do you feel the need to learn Newtonian Physics?

Continue reading “Gravity with out the Physics Degree”

Sunrise Sessions

Future Sounds of Breaks is an annual show that runs during Winter Music Conference in Miami.  The show runs all night, and in the morning most of us Orlandoians meet at the beach to watch the sun rise.  This image was modified using Processing’s vector and raster tools.  Here is the sketch.  If you hit the space bar you can see the original or the edit.beachvector

A little simplicity with Syphon and Processing

This was originally posted on the processing forum but it seems to have been pretty useful.   This is a very basic class that can be used in processing to make a syphon server.  The syphon library for processing can be picked up from here and installed per these instructions. Continue reading “A little simplicity with Syphon and Processing”